Literature Review, A Live Panel Discussion

This session brought to light the dynamics behind writing a literature review. From doing a background study up to evaluating existing literature and writing a unique relevant review, our expert panelists provided valuable inputs to 34 participants from 27 institutions across India.

Literature Review Live Panel Discussion | The Dawn Journal | 07.06.2020

I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Madhavi and Prof. Neharika for their exceptional presentation and for being part of our event. My special thanks goes to Dr Arun Behera for his effective presentation and for being a constant source of motivation and helping me take our initiatives to higher level. Prof. Satya Sidhartha has done a splendid and organised moderation allowing us to express in a balanced way and keeping the entire discussion as interesting as possible.

I express my sincere thanks to all the participants for trusting The Dawn Journal and coming forward to pay the registration fee. We hope we have delivered our best and would continue to offer more such discussions with your participation and support.

For the benefit of all, the entire video of the session will be available on this channel in a day or two:

We request all the participants to leave your honest feedback and suggestions on the comments. Kindly mention, the speaker’s name while giving your feedback so we can get to know how well each speaker has worked.

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28 thoughts on “Literature Review, A Live Panel Discussion”

  1. Mohana Abirami M.

    This session was fruitful and clear. It showed the way for those students who are about to begin research.

  2. Wonderful, informative session with experts in the field of research. Moderator Mr. Satya and the panelists gave their views and suggestions in wonderful way.

  3. The session was very informative and i was able to able to get the structure and the sequencial way of understanding for technical writing.

  4. Feleen Christy J

    Very informative session all the panel members and Moderator shared thoughtful knowledge to the budding researchers..Kudos to team Dawn Journal for continuosly organising such Meetings.

  5. Divya Shree I R

    Very informative session clearly made me to understand how reviews have to done in systematic manner and thanks for few tips and techniques

  6. Ch.Prashanthi

    It was a wonderful session. It has given me a clarity as to where and how to start my work on literature review. Thank you so much Mr.Rajesh Bojan. Looking forward for more such thoughtful informative sessions.

  7. Spandhana Priya

    A very knowledgeable session. Congrats to the team of The Dawn Journal. All the speakers were really good and shared their knowledge regarding their subject area

  8. The information was really useful for doing research. The points were very clear and effective. Thanks for conducting such useful session.


    This is the first time that I have attended a ‘Literature Review – A live Interactive Panel Discussion’. I felt it is very informative. All the panelists soberly presented the information. Thank you all.

  10. In a restricted time limit, all the panelists covered the major areas of literature review and also clarified many doubts suggesting important points to be taken off. Thanks for arranging such informative session and would like to attend such sessions in future.

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