Communicate2Connect, A Live Panel Discussion

Communicate2Connect | Live Panel Discussion | The Dawn Journal | 7th June 2020

Dr. Arun Behera, Director, Research Collaboration of The Dawn Journal delivered the introduction and effectively moderated the entire session. He briefed on the latest developments of the journal and introduced the speakers. This was followed by an enlightening lecture by our resource person Dr Abhilash Nayak, Regional Director, IGNOU Regional Centre, Patna.

Communicate2Connect | Live Panel Discussion | The Dawn Journal

53 participants from 40 institutions across India were part of the virtual panel discussion. I take this chance to thank all the participants for their active participation. My special thanks to Dr Arun Behera and Dr Abhilash for making this such a big and beneficial session.

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For the benefit of all, the entire video of the session will be available on this channel in a day or two:

We request all the participants to leave your honest feedback and suggestions on the comments. Kindly mention, the speaker’s name while giving your feedback so we can get to know how well each speaker has worked.

34 thoughts on “Communicate2Connect, A Live Panel Discussion”

  1. Vishnu Ram K.

    Seriously webinar was amazing. I got an clear view on the topic communication. Thank you for the organizers. I hope you will be organising more sessions like this..

  2. The place for right knowledge i guess! The meet was fabulous in kneeding our knowledge so well! Would​ like u to start up more of this kind.

  3. A wonderful session with an overview in every day communication. I look forward to attending many more sessions like this.

  4. Kumari Kajal Sharma

    The session Communicate2Connect was very informative and helpful for us. As a student of literature, I appreciate The Dawn Journal for offering us such opportunity.Thank You.

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